7th April, 2018#

winner 2017 Geelong acquisitive print awards

I am very happy to be the winner of the 2017 Geelong acquisitive print award with my artist book. An honor to be selected from Australia’s printmaking community and to be acquired for the collection.

Mildura Meander  2015
linocut (artist book); unique state
30.0 x 31.0 x 2.0 cm (closed)
700cm length (open)

The artists’ book Mildura Meander is a visual wandering inspired by a 3 week visit to Mildura in Victoria. The muse for this project was the native landscape in the region from the Murray River to the edge of the outback as well as the inland botanical gardens.  Botanical gardens play an important role in the awareness of environmental issues through research, conservation and education. They act as a sanctuary, a safeguard for what can be lost in nature or destroyed by urban planning. This artists’ book is a meander from ground to sky, a reflection on what is important to preserve and an observation of some of the unassuming beings that are important to the health and beauty of our Australian environment.

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