7th April, 2018#

winner 2017 Banyule Award for Works on Paper

Honored to be selected from Australian artists working with paper and to be the winner of the  2017 Banyule Award for Works on Paper with my artist book titled: 1903 – the Grey Sea.

1903 – The Grey Sea – L82cm x H37.5 x 8.5cm –  linocuts- perforations – watercolour – found timber – handmade rag paper – 2017 –

The Australian Border Deaths Database reports that 1,903 asylum seekers have drowned at sea during attempts to migrate to Australia during 2000 to 2017. In these devastating circumstances, water becomes both the saviour and the killer. This artist book imagines the tedious ebb and flow of the water for a journey that promises hope after desperation. The determination, forgiveness and strength of spirit summoned for such a journey is represented through the artist book’s materials (handmade paper over 30 years old), the coming and going of the water’s edge embodied in the work’s binding. Water can be a division between tyranny and freedom; this work is a meditation on the circumstances that force an escape over an ocean in a crowded small boat.

You have to understand,
That no one puts their children in a boat
Unless the water is safer than the land

Excerpt from Home” by Warsan Shire

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