1st March, 2016#

studio + excursion workshop on the island of Skopelos in Greece, 16 – 29 May 2016


drawing +linocut + woodcut + book construction workshop 16 – 29 May 2016.

This 2 week workshop is the opportunity to contemplate the people, flora, fauna and the varying range of landscapes found on the island of Skopelos. A creative printmaking intensive – processes available during this workshop include ​linocut + woodblock + the artist book.

The workshop will be delivered as a series of master classes and will give you a comprehensive understanding of the varied applications of relief images, from bold to refined outcomes that can be applied to your own working practice. You will develop your drawing skills and discover the alternative and traditional approaches to the artist book.
for more information    www.skopelosworksonpaper.com

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