1st January, 2005#

Solo Exhibition at the Whanki (he-un-ki) Art Museum

Solo exhibition of prints and artist’s books at the Whanki (pronounced he-un-ki) Art Museum, Seoul, Korea. 1 July – 1 August 2005

‘Early in 1988 the decision was made to build the Whanki Museum in Seoul , Korea . As the museum primarily housed the work of the artist Kim Whanki, the design attempts to correspond to aspects of nature, such as mountains, the moon, clouds, rocks and trees that were important to his art. The building connects with these using a modern sensibility. At the beginning of the design period, the site was limited to the around the main building. During the following three years of design the adjacent western property was acquired. this site was then used for the annex building.’ Architect, Woo KyuSeung

“Aim of all the exhibitions and programs held in Whanki Museum is not for high fashion nor for commercial effects. Our aim is to make constant improvements that build a new history for the museum. Founder of the museum and Whanki Foundation, wife Kim Hyanan mentioned ‘The life of museum is nothing more than what it is contents.’”

Director, Park Meejung.

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