1st March, 2016#

studio + excursion workshop on the island of Skopelos in Greece, 16 – 29 May 2016


drawing +linocut + woodcut + book construction workshop 16 – 29 May 2016.

This 2 week workshop is the opportunity to contemplate the people, flora, fauna and the varying range of landscapes found on the island of Skopelos. A creative printmaking intensive – processes available during this workshop include ​linocut + woodblock + the artist book.

The workshop will be delivered as a series of master classes and will give you a comprehensive understanding of the varied applications of relief images, from bold to refined outcomes that can be applied to your own working practice. You will develop your drawing skills and discover the alternative and traditional approaches to the artist book.
for more information    www.skopelosworksonpaper.com

4th January, 2016#

Skopelos workshop 16 – 29 May 2016

10th November, 2015#

Review “INFLORESCENCE” The Street Theatre, 21st and 22nd March 2015

Those arriving for Inflorescence at The Street Theatre were greeted with a dimmed room full of delicate, hand-crafted paper flowers. Butterflies on the walls formed the words “breathe” and “care”. The attention to detail – each crinkled petal, the lace-like perforations on draped paper – was exquisite. The audience settled in as the room plunged into darkness.
Improvisation musician Reuben Lewis on trumpet, accompanied by double bass, drums and electronic percussion, set the mood but never took over the show. The music smoothly transitioned between warm, playful jazz and a foreboding emptiness, punctuated with Morse-like beeps, insect chirps and the sound of a gentle breeze blowing through a desolate forest. Changes in tempo marked the passage of time, shifting from 1920s-esque jazz to sparse electronic beats (and back again).
Meanwhile, visual artist Dianne Fogwell moved carefully through the “garden”, gently placing small beads of light in the heart of flowers and making shadows of butterflies dance across the floor. A long strip of perforated paper ran through the room while other pieces draped, rockily. On taking a closer look, the pinpricks of light were laid out in patterns representing pollen forms, language (Braille), insects and a musical score. This suggested a concern not just with the literal pollination of flowers but with inspiration as a result of the creative cross-pollination between music, language, art and nature itself.
At the end of the performance, there was a long, expectant silence. Fogwell explained that Inflorescence was a brief sketch designed to make us think about pollination. This was a wise decision and a necessary prompt and reminder. Inflorescence claimed to draw inspiration from “the triangle of pollination: the flower, the pollinator and the pollen” (YAH program) but it was not immediately clear that pollination was the focal point. The dreamy performance washed over the audience and could be enjoyed with minimal effort. It did not necessarily compel one to ponder the significance of pollination. The fact that the flowers and butterflies were but beautiful facsimiles seemed, instead, to question how far we’ve come from nature.
Lewis and Fogwell, equal partners in the development and execution of Inflorescence, drew on one another for inspiration. This speaks to the “pollination of new ideas with old”, mentioned in the program. Fogwell mingled with the audience afterwards and was happy to answer questions. This helped to clarify and strengthen her message.
It is difficult to fault a performance as thoughtfully put together as this one. A joyous yet meditative celebration of life, Inflorescence was both visually and aurally beautiful. Without Fogwell’s closing comments and willingness to engage with the audience however, its messages about pollination risked being lost. It was the type of performance that will go on to inspire others and this, perhaps, was its true aim.

by Shu-Ling Chua

for ScissorsPaperPen

15th August, 2014#

‘Inflorescence’ installation / performance Sydney and Melbourne

“Pollinisers, pollinators and pollination are part of an exacting process that is fundamental to the world’s food source and usually goes unnoticed, quietly working away in the background of our daily lives. There is an intrinsic beauty to this process that has formed the basis of my contemplations leading to the work in this exhibition. When moths, butterflies, bees and others visit to harvest their essence it is a choreography that nature has performed throughout history. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the pollinators, who take it home in the form of scent and taste.” – Dianne Fogwell

Musicians Reuben Lewis, James Greening, Miroslav Bukovsky, Ronny Ferella, Geoff Hughes and master printmaker Dianne Fogwell come together to contemplate the natural choreography of pollination. Drawing on their accumulated history and perforated backgrounds in jazz, groove-music and free improvisation the ensemble will explore the sympathetic resonances found in this hidden world of Dianne’s artwork; illuminating memories of pollinators planted, plucked, gathered, observed and listened to.





Presented with support from Colbourne Avenue and the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Start time & door price TBA

10th August, 2014#

Infloresence performance

Reuben Lewis will be playing a short performance at the opening of the exhibition ‘ Inflorescence’ at Beaver Galleries  on the 21st August at 6pm.  Hope to see you there.

27th September, 2012#

The Canberra Times article – The gentle strokes of recognition

22nd August, 2010#

Peoples Choice Award

I have received the Peoples Choice Award for the Mount Eyre Vineyards Art Prize, Rex Livingston Gallery, Sydney 2010 and the Peoples choice award for the Print and Drawing Award, Swan Hill Regional Gallery, Victoria, 2010. I was also selected finalist in the following awards

  • 2010 ‘Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize’, The Croydon, Sydney. NSW.
  • ‘Swan Hill Drawing and Print Prize’, Swan Hill Regional Gallery, VIC.
  • ‘Mount Eyre Art prize’, Rex Livingston Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
  • 2009 ‘The Stanthorpe Art Festival’, Stanthorpe Regional Gallery, QLD.
  • ‘The Cricket Art Prize’, touring exhibition – Sydney Cricket Ground, NSW, Harrup Park Country Club Mackay, QLD.
  • The Bradman Museum, Moss Vale, NSW.
  • ‘Burnie Print Prize’, Burnie Art Gallery, TAS
1st January, 2008#

Dianne organises Australian representatives for second SungNam International Book Art Fair

In 2008 Dianne organised that Australian book artists Anne-Maree Hunter and Julie Barrat be the Australian representatives for the second SungNam International Book Art Fair at the Yul-Dong Book Theme Park, SungNam, South Korea.

1st January, 2007#

Invitation to Exhibit for SungNam International Book Art Fair

Dianne was invited to exhibit for the inaugural SungNam International Book Art Fair at the Yul-Dong Book Theme Park and to present a key note lecture for the International Book Art Conference at SungNam Art Centre. SungNam, south Korea. 21 – 30 April 2007


1st January, 2005#

Solo Exhibition at the Whanki (he-un-ki) Art Museum

Solo exhibition of prints and artist’s books at the Whanki (pronounced he-un-ki) Art Museum, Seoul, Korea. 1 July – 1 August 2005

‘Early in 1988 the decision was made to build the Whanki Museum in Seoul , Korea . As the museum primarily housed the work of the artist Kim Whanki, the design attempts to correspond to aspects of nature, such as mountains, the moon, clouds, rocks and trees that were important to his art. The building connects with these using a modern sensibility. At the beginning of the design period, the site was limited to the around the main building. During the following three years of design the adjacent western property was acquired. this site was then used for the annex building.’ Architect, Woo KyuSeung

“Aim of all the exhibitions and programs held in Whanki Museum is not for high fashion nor for commercial effects. Our aim is to make constant improvements that build a new history for the museum. Founder of the museum and Whanki Foundation, wife Kim Hyanan mentioned ‘The life of museum is nothing more than what it is contents.’”

Director, Park Meejung.